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We take immense pride in showcasing a collection of original and authenticated items at our museum. Each exhibit is a testament to the sporting greatness of the respective players, with the items either donated or gifted to our collection.

We assure visitors that every item on display is authentic and carries the signature of the respective players. These cherished possessions have been entrusted to us by the players themselves or by passionate collectors who share our dedication to preserving cricket history or purchased from auction. 


We want to emphasize that any allegations questioning the authenticity or ownership of our memorabilia will be treated seriously. Such claims will be regarded as defamatory and may result in legal action being taken to protect the reputation and integrity of our museum and its collection.

Our commitment to authenticity and the preservation of cricketing heritage is unwavering. We invite you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of cricket history with confidence, knowing that each item in our museum has been carefully curated and authenticated.


Join us in celebrating the sporting achievements of cricketing legends, and rest assured that every item on display represents a treasured piece of the game's legacy.

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