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We are excited to announce the launch of our special drive called 'Prerana,' which aims to inspire school children through an immersive experience at our wonderful facility. As a part of their field visits, schools now have the opportunity to bring their students to Blades of Glory and witness the cricketing memorabilia of their favorite cricketers up close, leaving them delighted and inspired. 


The initiative was inaugurated by Brett Lee, one of Australia's all-time great pace bowlers, who visited 'Blades of Glory' for the second time to support this cause. Brett had previously visited our gallery in May 2012 during his time in the city for IPL. On this occasion, children from St. Vincent's High School, Camp, and S. N. B. P. School from Shastri Nagar Yerwada joined us, making the event even more memorable. Rohan Pate, the Founder of Blades of Glory, spoke about the concept behind the gallery.

He said, "Cricket is treated like a religion in India, yet there wasn't a single facility dedicated to preserving and sharing the inspiring stories of legendary cricketers with the current and future generations. This gap motivated me to establish 'Blades of Glory,' which has now become a one-of-a-kind Gallery of Cricket memorabilia." "Cricketers often become idols in this cricket-crazy country, and one of our objectives is to contribute to inspiring young minds. With this in mind, we are launching 'Prerana' today, which means inspiration in Marathi. It is a specially designed program for school children, encouraging them to visit Blades of Glory," he added.

Under the 'Prerana' initiative, a contact program with schools in Pune will be conducted over the next three months. When school children visit the gallery, they will be treated to a specially created audiovisual presentation about the gallery's concept and the precious collection it houses.  The audiovisual presentation sets the context for the children before they embark on their guided tour of the gallery. It familiarizes them with the extraordinary collection, enhancing their enjoyment and appreciation during the tour. Specially trained personnel will conduct the guided tours, helping children establish connections between the stories shared in the presentation and the related artifacts. Hearing the stories and then witnessing the actual items in front of them will undoubtedly create an exciting experience, inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

We are thrilled to have Brett Lee launch 'Prerana' and are dedicated to inspiring young minds through this special initiative at Blades of Glory.

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