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In the current T20-dominated era of cricket, it is often exhilarating to witness a century scored by your favorite batsman. However, there was a time in the realm of Test cricket when legends achieved the extraordinary feat of scoring triple centuries in a single match, a monumental achievement that demands immense respect. At Blades Of Glory, we have a remarkable wall that showcases the actual bats used by these legendary players to achieve such remarkable scores. To witness these bats up close is nothing short of heavenly and serves as a powerful source of motivation to witness such exceptional performances in the current generation of cricketers.


Some notable players who have achieved the milestone of a triple century include Virendra Sehwag, Brandom Macullum, Kumar Sangakara, Michael Clarke, and many more.

To truly appreciate and marvel at these legendary memorabilia, we invite you to visit the world's largest cricket museum at Blades Of Glory. It is an opportunity to get an intimate and up-close view of these historic artifacts that represent the awe-inspiring achievements of cricketing greats.

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