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Rohan's vision for the museum, in his own words:


"My grandfather always wanted me to make a contribution to cricket, and I followed that path. After excelling in age group cricket and playing club cricket in England for four years, I joined our family business. With this museum, I feel like I have kept my grandfather's dream alive."As the owner and creator of this unique museum, I believe that it's just the beginning, and there is still a long way to go. Test cricket holds a special place in my heart, as I believe it is the true form of the game. That's why you will find a majority of the items in this museum related to the achievements of Test cricketers. However, I am not against any other format. Twenty20 has brought a lot of financial benefits to cricketers, and that's a positive thing. But I do feel that Test cricket is losing its charm, with fewer spectators showing interest in the longer version of the game nowadays.


Additionally, through our initiative called Prerana, we aim to engage schools, inspire, and educate young children. To learn more about PRERANA, our special initiative, please visit our website.


We will provide aspiring players with equipment, top-class training facilities, and any other support needed to help them become the legends of tomorrow. Preserving and sharing the inspiring stories of legendary cricketers with current and future generations is our mission. Cricket, as we all know, is a powerful force that unifies people across social, economic, cultural, and religious boundaries. We see ourselves as catalysts, bridging gaps between countries and cultures, honoring and strengthening the game.

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